Health services The institution provides every opportunity to keep the student healthy mentally, physically and spiritually. Habits of healthy living in family and community are imparted through Health and Physical Education classes. Right attitudes were developed through these awareness classes. Various clubs like Population Education Club, Health Club, Anti adat Club, Youth Red Cross Society etc. organised various activities related to Health. Seminar cum Workshop on ‘First Aid’ was conducted as usual. Classes on H1N1, AIDS and other related health issues were conducted. The students initiated activities like blood donation, poster exhibition and planting of trees. To keep environment healthy and clean proper disposal of food waste, and other rubbish were done through constructing a biogas plant near the hostel. Students were also given practice of keeping the surroundings clean by disposing the plastic waste in waste bins. Running water is available in each floor of the two blocks. There is aqua guard water purifier in each floor. The hostel canteen provides nutritious food at reasonable rate. Performance in sports activities To bring about the overall development of all students opportunities are given to participate in sports and games. Three hours per week are devoted for physical training. Annual Sports Day was held to promote healthy competition Prizes were distributed to the winners. They also participated in intercollegiate competitions. Incentives to Outstanding Sports Persons During the time of admission, admission for Sports Quota was provided for those who deserve it. Awards and certificates were distributed to the students who Excelled in sports. TA and other facilities were provided to students who participated in inter collegiate completions. Fitness Centre Physical Education as part of Curriculum Medical Resource Team Medical Camps Health Club Activities Yoga and Recreational Facilities Guidance and Counselling