In order to promote Research Culture in the campus ,the institution motivated its faculty to take up research in education by providing library, internet facility and also availing leave for attending seminars, workshops, present papers and publish articles and research studies in National and International Journals and Publications. The institution has membership in US International library. Above all it organized a UGC sponsored National Seminar on the theme’ Promoting Research Culture for Enhancing Quality of Research.’ Workshops on SPSS and FLASH were organized. It promotes the interaction with experts and Research Guides there by updating the faculty.


  1. Research Centre

  2. Consultation and Guiding of research projects by faculty

  3. Research Library Facility Library is spacious with a good number of Almirahs, Periodical section with open stacks, shelves – displaying magazines, journals and news papers, corner for new arrivals, stack room with lending section, post graduate reference section. Internet facilities were provided. In addition to the main library students have access to avail books from their own subject library. Research scholars and post graduate students from other institutions are free to use our library and internet facilities.

  4. Action Research , Case Studies and Surveys for need assessment by faculty.

  5. Reflective Practices: Promoting Critical Reflective practices. The institution empowers the students with the latest trends in education and make all e-literate. It provided opportunities to interact with Eminent educationist from National and International levels. Besides the intellectual pursuits they are trained to have a respect for individual dignity, love for nature, find fruitful solutions to the existing environmental issues and thereby form a consistent scale of values.

  6. Faculty Development programmes

Our Faculty is a learning community and to keep the faculty abreast with the latest developments,they acquaint themselves with the latest trends in methodology by attending Workshops, Seminars at National and International levels. They presented papers and published Research articles in Journals with International repute. Workshops on SPSS, Flash are some of the remarkable strides under taken by the institution. A proposal for a workshop on 21st Century Skills of Teacher Educators was submitted to UGC for financial assistance .Most the faculty members were awarded Ph.D and the rest registered for Ph.D.

  1. Dialogue Circle: Dialogue Circle is the technique that is adopted to enrich the faculty members

in which the faculty members come together and share their knowledge and experience regarding various relevant topics.


  1. Research projects

  2. Research Grants

  3. Revenue Generated

  4. Resource Persons

  5. Research Publications EDUFOCUS -

  6. Tool Bank: Pooling of Standardized tools

  7. Linkages developed with National /International ,academic /Research bodies

The Institution sustained its linkages with Katho University Belgium, AIAER, AIACHE, Xavier Board, UGC, NAAC, RIE, NCTE, IASE, CTE, DIET, & NCERT