About the college

General Informations

Name and address of the Institution:: St,Joseoh College of Teacher Education for Women 

District : Ernakulam                                

Statae : Kerala

Email :stjosepjtrainingcollge@hotmail.com

Year of establishment :1957

Managed by:Congregation of the Mother of Carmelite, Registered  Society

Affiliated to: Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam

Status of Affiliation : Permanent 

Type of Management : Government aided Institution 

Status of the Institution :Independent Institution offering only Teacher     Education Programme (s) 

Institution meant for  : Female only 

Accessibility:Accessible in all weather and through Pucca Road

Nearest Railway Station : Ernakulam Town Railway Station

Patron: St.Joseph

Principal: Dr. Sr.Mary Joseph

Teacher Education Programme offered in this Institution




Number & Year of  NCTE Recognition

Sanctioned Intake



FSRONCTE/APS00 554/B.EDKL2015-16/65205





FSRONCTE/APS00 3554/M.EDKL2015-16/65266





APS00 3186/2015





 Details of Affiliation




Name of Affiliating Boady

Year of  Affiliation




Mahathma Gandhi University Kottayam






Mahathma Gandhi University Kottayam





Mahathma Gandhi University Kottayam





“Let light be the Source of Enlightenment”.The college has kept the torch of light ever burning with full of enthusiasm and empowered many young women who have passed out the portals of this institution. The college which is situated in the heart of the City continues to sparkle as a precious gem on the crown of the Queen of the  Arabian Sea. The institution’s infrastructure is a unique blend of old and new with its serene surroundings. This academic year has witnessed an array of activities to equip our student teachers  to face the drastic changes that has taken place in the whole Education Scenario. The College has ever tried to nurture its passion to grow into a Centre of Excellence. Hence the programme of the institution was designed to address the manifold challenges in the educational field.


The CMC and Education

St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulam dedicated to St. Joseph is established, owned and run by the Vimala Province of the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC). “CMC is a religious and charitable association of a religious minority group within the purview of the constitution of India (CMC Con.No.002).” CMC is the first indigenous congregation for women in the Syro-Malabar Church founded on February 13th 1866.

Education, the Chief Apostolate of CMC

“From the beginning, education has been the chosen field of our apostolate (CMC Con. 097)”. Our founder Blessed Chavara Kuriakose Elias and Co-founder Fr. Leopold Beccaro bequeathed to us the noble mission of dedicating ourselves for the upliftment and faith formation of our fellowmen especially of women and children. We ventured out into this field with the establishment of a school at Koonammavu on October 16,1876.The benefits of education were made available to more and more people in different places according to need. CMC Institutions are established on the basis of the right of minorities in our country to have Educational Institutions of their own for fostering their religious and cultural identity. Our specific aim is the formation of the young women of the Christian community according to the ideals and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Launching into the Teacher Education field

It is universally acknowledged that education is an effective means for social reconstruction and to a great extent; it offers solutions to the problems a society is faced with. Realizing the signifi cance of teacher education, Vimala Province entered into this realm through the establishment of the St. Joseph Training College for Women in 1957. As women, we consider it as our special call to promote the status of women everywhere especially in our country. With this specifi c objective we started this college exclusively for women. CMC has invested money, manpower and materials mainly in the apostolate of education.

Ever since its inception, the successive provincial superiors of the province have been pillars of this institution acting as the Educational Agency.

Keeping to the spirit of our founder Blessed Chavara Kuriakose Elias we dream of forming empowered teachers who lead a life imbued in faith in God, realizing their full potential and passionately contributing to build a learned society rooted in love and unity.
The college strives for the integral liberation of women through life oriented education, transforming them to responsible citizens who respond proactively to the global challenges with courage and commitment, build a just social order, and be stewards of this universe as modelled in the person of Jesus Christ.
Together we form JOSEPHITES (Just, Obedient to the will of God, Socially committed, Evolving, Patriotic, Hardworking, Inspiring Teachers who are also Enthusiastic Stewards of nature).
• To provide holistic formation in the light of Christian Principles inculcating spiritual, cultural, social and ethical values
• To develop teachers who are sensitive to social issues and work for empowering the weaker sections of society, women, children and the marginalized
• To promote academic excellence in par with international standards
• To promote a research culture and thus be continuously engaged in the process of lifelong learning effecting improvement and growth.
• To foster an atmosphere for potential development of competencies and skills through innovative creative and entrepreneurial approaches
• To motivate students towards environmental issues and sustainable development
• To instil patriotism in students

Ring O Ring the blissful merry bells
Ring O ring in cheerful joy
Ring in rumble you bells of St Joseph …St Joseph
Worthy dwelling that wisdom and purity, the great abode
Where Lord’s spirit in gentle breeze
We with our unfurled banner with the seal of self denial and zeal
To serve with fidelity (St Joseph college of Teacher Education)
Like an ashen white Lily let our alma mater bloom
Radiate eternally its Simple elegant aroma
Let it blaze like a furnace igniting myriads of muted minds
That are sluggish frosty and feeble
Let us unveil to the World a brand new Inner vision
Instill in us through knowledge imparted everyday
As we step for a good morrow with excellence
Along with qualities of truthfulness righteousness and fortitude
(St Joseph college of Teacher Education)
O’ divine artist mould us into your likeness and
Shower down your graces into these frail vessels
To act upon your will in this World of commotion
To be the authentic precious children of Mother India
(St Joseph college of Teacher Education)

The College Coat of Arms is in the form of a Shield.
The Dove above the crest signifies peace, holiness and
enlightenment and it symbolizes the Holy Spirit, the source
of all wisdom.
The bunch of Lillies stands for purity which should be the
chief characteristic of a true seeker of wisdom. The National
Flag is a symbol of patriotism denoting Sacrifice, Purity
and Service. It also signifies passionate love and unending
compassion for humanity.
The emblem with the crown and cross at the centre
signifies that there is no crown without crosses. The shaded and
light region in the emblem represents the transition from the
darknes to light - the light which is the source of enlightenment.
In Indian tradition, prayer is a movement from darkness to
the light.
The 3 stars represent the 3 cardinal values ‘Truth, Love and
The words inscribed below convey our motto.

Landmarks in the  Annals of the College

1957  June, College came into being

Smt. Lilly Kurian, Principal

Strength: 100 students

Four optionals:English, Mathemtics, History, Geography

1959 Optional Malayalam introduced

1964 Physical Science and Natural Science introduced

1968 1Strength increased to 120

1969 Sr. Lweina appointed as Principal

1982 Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Blessings of the foundation stone of the new college building by the late His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Parecattil

1984 Construction began

1986 Sr. Maria Philip Neri appointed as Principal

1987 Strength increased to 150. General Class shifted to the new building

1988 All the classes including College office and Library started functioning in the new building.

1989 New Auditorium inaugurated by His Eminence Cardinal Antony Padiyara Prof. K.M. Kochuthresia appointed as Principal.

1990 Strength increased to 200

1992 Sr. Sergius appointed as Principal.

2000 Sr. Dr. Sophiamma Isaac appointed as Principal.

2003 Accredited by NAAC with B++ Level

2005 Elementary Teacher Training (TTI) courses introduced

2006 M.Ed course introduced Sr. Dr. Rosamma Lukose appointed as Principal

2007 Golden Jubilee Celebrations

2009 Renovation of the old college building

2010 Inaguration of Golden Jubilee Memorial Block. Sr. Leelamma K.J.appointed as Principal

2011 Re Accredited by NAAC with B Grade

2012 Sr. Dr. Mary Joseph Appointed as Principal

2015 Commencement of Two Year BEd & MEd programe.
Streanght of BEd reduced to 50 & streanght of MEd increased to 50

2016 Streanght of BEd increased to 100

2016 Diamaond Jubilee Year started